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Agriculture, Cooperatives and the banking Forward India

>> 28 मई, 2016

After two years of government special article

Narendra Modi led NDA government at the Center have been completed tenure of 2 years. However, to assess the functioning of any government 2 years is not enough time in these two years of government direction, only then can assess the intentions and priorities. At that time the people of the country for the transfer of power to change not only age was given the mandate by the Prime Minister in a short time thanks to Vkritw Ktritw and have proven.
In these two years, Modi has not only me but the entire system work as prime minister of the country to work as a servant moved. He said that on Independence Day will inspire youth 'for the country's independence, many have sacrificed their lives for the country, but not to die for the country, but now we need to live for the country' 'He Hey very inspiring statement for the new generation. The Prime Minister put the national interest above self-interest and advised to live. Only a fierce patriotic education of youth in the country could only give such inspiring.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi as a paramount national political horizon of the world, India is placed in a location which could not be imagined two years ago. It is amazing that the Modi Ktritw powerful nation like the US nuclear test in Pokhran in the Vajpayee regime had imposed economic sanctions Opposed, the United Nations (Ncw) for India's permanent membership in the lobbying himself Used to be . America is a reflection of India's powerful effort. India's success is attributed to a single person who would be the O then that Narendra Modi in a short time the world community in its work and wisdom have been hypnotized. They have emerged as a champion of peace in the whole world. Here it would be no exaggeration to say that the third world war has the ability to eliminate the possibility of Narendra Modi is that person.

He therefore agriculture, cooperatives and banking facilities for the development of all created Yojana. Modi government to bring radical changes in agriculture 'on the drop, more crop' called for. He at least find technology advice in water greater yields from agricultural land to go to the lab, the scientists gave advice. As a result, farmers are now giving priority to soil test. Government land for each farmer to health plans. According to the data received so far, 28 million farmers have become geo-health card. It is revolutionary in agriculture because of the lack of chemical fertilizers, farmers are brutally fertility of the land is destroyed. Wildly chemical fertilizers and pesticides is having the opposite effect on the quality of the grain. Its use in human health is declining. That is why the government plans to give priority to organic farming. Farmers are being given training, and promotion for organic farming, which is to get positive results.

Dependence on agriculture and natural disaster in the monsoon is a disgrace, it is trying to erase the government on a war footing. Central Government to reduce dependence on monsoon Prime irrigation scheme to increase the irrigated area in order to prevent rain water also is critical, but the participation is must rule. If the government can not stop a natural disaster but rather to compensate for financial loss Modi's prime crop insurance scheme. This plan is quite comprehensive and effective. Premium can insure their crops by giving farmers less so in adverse conditions possible to get compensation.

Modi, who has worked in the field of cooperatives and banking in the world is a Mishal. The government plans to start mass money each person to begin the process of connecting to the bank. As a result, nearly 22 million accounts were opened in two years. The plan is based on a zero balance but peoples' gave the 37800 crore deposited in your account. In the 60 years since independence, not open as many accounts as account opening records in these two years. The banking sector will receive and it will look at other plans by prioritizing the region's government has stupendous miracle. Life protection insurance and Prime Minister, respectively 943 million and 2.96 million people in the light plan is insured. Prime security insurance annual premium of just Rs 12 to Rs 2 lakh and Rs 330 only in the prime of life insurance light. The annual premium of Rs 2 lakh. Is thought to be insured. Similarly, Prime Minister Atal Pension Plan has also become quite popular. The government plans to implement the Prime Minister's currency cottage and small industries, retail businesses have increased the brightness of the eyes. With no guarantee of Rs 10 lakh 5 thousand. The scheme of the minimum interest rate on loans for those small jobs Gnga is proving to be the gift. The ambitious plan to build a new generation of self-supporting and self-sustaining results will be enjoyable.

It means that the government's direction, intentions and priorities will change India's fortunes, and am definitely on the political scene of the world and India will emerge as a strong and prosperous nation.
Ashok Bajaj
CG SCB Mydt.
(Apex Bank) Raipur

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